Thursday, 11 August 2011


You already have everything you need for Singapore trip. Anything you have been missing out? Of course, YOURSELF! And your mission - to pass all the Immigration Officers (IO) in  the Philippines or in Singapore especially if you are not an overseas foreign worker (OFW) or SG Permanent Resident (PR).

We have our reasons why we are going there. You simply want to tour Singapore or you want to try your luck in finding a job there. ME? I chose the latter. But whatever your purpose is, it all boils down for being a tourist.

TOURIST - dress, talk and act like one and do not f orget some doze of CONFIDENCE.

It was my 1st time trip out of the country and I was alone. I had a connecting flight from Iloilo to Cebu to Singapore. Here are some of the questions I encountered from the Immigration Officer in Cebu after I presented my passport plus a form (Sorry, I forgot what form was that. It was almost a year. You should fill that out with your details including employment.)

Me: Hi!
IO: What is your work?
Me: I'm working as a credit analyst with (confidential).

IO: As I remember, your bank is previously Malaya __? (I also forgot the entire name he was referring to.)
Me: (Stunned! - What the ** was he talking about? I'm so sorry but I really don't know the history of my company)
Me: (Smiling) Really, Sir? That sounds familiar but I forgot the exact name. (Smiling again)

IO: Okay, never mind. What will you be doing in Singapore and for how long?
Me: Will just tour Singapore with friends for 14 days.

IO: Can I see your return ticket?
I handed him the printout of my ticket and… Chop-chop-chop!
Whueeew! One down!

Almost three and a half hours, we finally landed at Changi Budget Terminal, Singapore. Next stop is another officer again. I handed her my passport and the disembarkation card.

IO: Why are you here in Singapore?
Me: I’ll be having my vacation and will be meeting my best friend who is working here in Singapore.

IO: Your friend is working at which company.
Me: (I took out the invitation letter from my friend and gave to her) She’s working with (confidential).
IO: Can I see your return ticket?

Then , chop-chop-chop! That easy and that quick. Hello Singapore with 30-day-visit pass!

**Please note that this post is based on my past conversations and experiences only. Please take this as a guide. This does not guarantee that my answers to every question can satisfy other officers and can guarantee positive results because everything is subjective. Everything is affected by human factors and results may vary to every person. Thank you.


  1. Your questions were really easy... You're one lucky girl!!

    The first time I went there (March 2012), the PH IO was really cunning.. She asked a lot of questions. Did she ever ask where you were going to stay? My bf is going to include in his invitation letter that I'll be staying with him, and that he will take full responsibility of me even when I reach SG.. Ako nga pala ung sinabihan mo sa na i-visit itong blog mo po.. Salamat :)

  2. Hi. nope. he did not ask me that question.. but i had everything in my invitation letter just like yours.. good luck

  3. Hi! I'll be going to Singapore this October and will be staying in my friend's house in Singapore. Requirement ba talaga ang invitation letter from my friend?

  4. hi! ask qlng po kung ano mga kailangang dalhin n mga documents as a tourist? by d way my auntie works in sg...thnx

  5. Naoffload ako nitog june 17, 2014 ,, mgkikita sana kmi ng bf ko s singapore ..same day kmi ng flight ahead lng sya ng oras ng arrival ..kso d ako pinayagan makalusot ng IO s terminal 1, kc dw wala akong affidavit of support , kc sbe ko unemployed ako bf ko lahat sumagot ng expenses and siya dn ung sumusuporta s akin kea need dn dw nun affidavit of support issued s embassy ng sg...nkakaasar need b tlga nun kht parehas lng kmi mgvisit s sg? And ngsend ung bf ko ng invitation letter through email d dw valid un..pti copy ng passport ng bf ko credit card nya n pinangbooked ng flight...haysss

  6. I will be meeting my aus bf in SG tomorrow.... Ang doc lang n NSA akin is return ticket and accommodation ibig sbhin ba may chance din akong maoffload?? Wise ba na sbhin Kong sagot lahat ng bf ko ang gastos??? Please help....

  7. Hi! Good morning ☺️ what if you're travelling for the first time and you're just a an undergrad student only? but you have an iterinary and a roundtrip ticket and a show money, what do i need to say incase they ask for other documents? I've been wanting to travel to SG and I'm scared to be offloaded. I don't have a job but I have an online shop and I'm an online entrepreneur. I can afford to travel.

    1. What hppened to your trip? I am in thesame situation

    2. Pls bring your school ids.. just in case. goodluck

  8. I'm unemployed and be able to book a tour package to SG this coming November with my cousin and her workmates. By the way my trip is sponsored by my aunt and sister. I'm 29 years old a full time to my sister's 2 kids. I don't have any proof of income and a bank account to show.. So what I want to ask is how can i pass the immigration smoothly what are the requirements/documents that I have to bring. Thanks �� hope you can help me.

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